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Good setting on your microscope - Maximum healt and efficiency

Good setting on your microscope – Maximum healt and efficiency

In Italy science popularization is very hard and difficult.

They think that science is just children’s game, but if you are interested, Italian science is one of the best sciences in the world.

We have volcanos, the worst and the best geology who you can study, bad rivers, earthquake, Italy is a very dynamic country with Alps, Pre-Alps, made by orogenesis, erosion of rivers and glaciers, Appennino, cambrian rocks, old fossils and igneous rocks such as basement.

I am not a good english writer and speaker but I will try to give you something on easyscience: the other side of

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Stefano Rossignoli july – 22 – 2012

Neanderthal man was here and sometime we have news about him!

Sometimes we find tools. This is flint. A very old flint, made in Italy by Neanderthal man. The cave man made this tool…

I found it two weeks ago on Prealps. I told to the university that I found it but explain to the people the real scenario sometimes is difficult…

I’ve not found a man.

I’ve found just a tool made by the cave man. I was so excited… In my hand there was a tool of my old relative 50000 years old… WOW!!!

Neanderthal tool discovery

Neanderthal tool discovery


after washing

after washing



[Stefano Rossignoli july 2 2012]

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